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As a way to raise funds for NK SEEDS, we are now offering special experiences in the north of Laos.
Our tours are curated to give you a unique cultural and personal experience with Laotian people.
With your tour leader, M
élissa Lansmant, the founder of NK SEEDS, you will fully experience Laos - the people, the food, the culture and stunning landscapes.  
The tours are curated by Mélissa to show you the best of northern Laos for travelers with an interest in sustainability and meeting local people. After 5 years of living and working in Laos, she will take you to experience her world. 

By choosing NK SEEDS Tours, you directly help the northern community of Nong Khiaw. 
All profits from our tours go to support NK SEEDS free education for children in northern Laos. 

Immerse yourself in a
Lao culture..
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NK SEEDS Tour has been created by Mélissa, who fell in love with Laos when she first came here in 2018. In collaboration with local people, she has created a unique experience to show you the richness of this beautiful country and for you to live it from the inside.

Get involved with a
local NGO

Our tour is more than just observing; by coming on one of NK SEEDS tours, you will be immersed in our team's daily work. You'll get to see the backstage of our projects such as English education, plastic recycling and community support. 


During this authentic journey

you will..

Discover authentic Laos

Explore stunning, wild parts of Laos few tourists visit

Explore absolutely incredible and wild places


Engage with locals in their daily life


Have unforgettable experiences

Upcoming trips 


7-day tour in northern Laos

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7-day tour in northern Laos

Start date


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