Être Parrain d'un enfant de NK English School, ça consiste en quoi ? 

  • Soutenir le droit à l'éducation pour tous, peu importe la nationalité ou le sexe.

  • Suivre l'évolution de son filleul/sa filleule en recevant chaque semestre un rapport d'évaluation de ses progrès, de sa scolarité et des programmes mis en place.

  • Découvrir sa culture et son environnement en échangeant des courriers composé de lettres, photos, dessins.

Step 1 : Registration

You fill in the file online by choosing your preferences:


  • I sponsor which school class.

  • I communicate with the child and the organization in English or French.

Step 2 : Receipt of application

You receive a file including:


  • The photo of your sponsored class.

  • The description of the program in which he or she is enrolled.

  • The programs that the organization develops to improve the environment for the children and their community.

  • The address where you can send a letter to your sponsored class

Step 3 : Monitoring the class's progress

In order to follow the class's progress:


  • You receive two half-yearly reports, one on the class's academic progress and the other on all that has been put in place in the village. These reports are accompanied by photos of the events organized by the school during the semester.

  • You can write to your sponsored class about 2-3 letters a year (takes about a month for us to receive it).

Step 4 : End of sponsorship

The reasons :


  • The class has graduated.

  • The organization had to close for administrative reasons.

  • You have had difficulties and wish to end the sponsorship.

How much does sponsorship cost?

For 20 € / month you can allow children to access free schooling, as well as:


  • Offer free access to English lessons for the children

  • Allow to install facilities to clean up the environment and improve their living conditions and their health

  • Develop our environmental program to recycle plastic waste